Some Good News!


Hello again!  Oh how I’ve missed you!  Life has been a little hectic these days as we have some major decisions in the making.  We’ve decided to go ahead and get married, wait for it…next month!  Yes, we’re very spontaneous, but would like to get this show on the road and can’t seem to find the time until Spring Break to tie the knot and plan a little honeymoon.  So for the time being, I hope to post things found on my hunt for all things Rustic Vintage for our big day!  With funds being low we are very limited to what we can do and who to invite.  I hate the politics of getting married, but am up for the challenge to make it the most memorable for my little family!  As a professional thrifter and family members that are on the same boat, we are having so much fun looking for that wedding bliss treasure, and even the simple hand me downs are turning out to be the most meaningful!  So I leave you with a few dress options.  Let me know what you think!

My Brandon, would love to see me in type of dress found here

01_20_10 5

Here is another found here

but love how simple this one is and think it would flow very pretty in the wind.  This one was found here.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!



Valentine’s Day Workshop


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I threw a little Family Valentine Workshop over the weekend for all the kitties in the family, with the help of my Mama, sister, sister-in law and best friend!  I made some Valentine garlands with baker’s twine and newspaper hearts.  Went to my local Salvation Army to purchase some Vintage silver platters, only to buy all the Vintage Glassware I could find, as every other Friday is 50% off.  I found a nice punch bowl with eight glasses still in the box, 3 small glass bowls, 1 large bowl, glass cheese platter, 3 tarnished silver platters (which I covered with paper doilies, and cut out wax paper hearts), even found some vintage paperdolls and a few other things for myself all under $25!

Covered a few tables with newspaper and paper doilies that I purchased in the dollar section from Target.  Went to the hardware store and had some wood cut down to craft with.  You can never go wrong with wood!  I always find interesting pieces in the scrap section with insane mark downs and then have them cut it down to my preference at no charge.   I crammed the tables with endless crafting supplies.  Scrapbook paper, construction paper, decorative scissors, modge podge(my favorite), markers, lace, twine, chalkboard paint, glitter, composition notebooks(bought on clearance during back to school season), paper doilies, soft pastels, water colors and each crafty mama brought their own supplies too!  My sister in law even printed up some Vintage Valentine Images from flickr, a major resource for inspiration.  The images are endless on the web, I found these Space Themed Valentine’s for Jacob.  My Mama also brought some Vintage Victorian images, we had so much to work with.  The kids even decorated Valentine Mail Boxes supplied by my sis!

Our menu was very simple with kid friendly snacks.  Peanut butter celery, cheese and crackers, strawberries, grapes, carrots, cucumber, garlic bread, Homemade Spaghetti  for the kids and Fettuccine Alfredo for the Mama’s.  Along with lots of goodies!  Everyone had so much fun and it was nice to see all the little creations lying around!  The two images above were created by my boy.  The top one was for me and the one above was for Daddy, but he was little jealous that mine had the wood piece.  I hope everyone had a lovely day!

School House Rock!

Spring Semester Officially began today!  I am almost done with Community College and plan to transfer in the Fall to obtain my degree in Psychology.  I’ve been attending school for quite sometime now, changing my major way too many times and two Associate’s Degrees later, I have finally come to the conclusion that Psychology was meant for me.   In all honesty, I wanted to learn about why people do the things that they do, including myself!  Ha!  Trying to figure out the rest of your life is so hard and I for one, am not always good at making decisions, especially when it came down to the rest of my life.  I also wanted to learn how one person can affect another, most importantly, how our decisions now as parents could affect our children in the future!    This subject can be very overwhelming, but very helpful when it comes to parenting and reflecting on how we work as individual’s.  A class that I would recommend for parents whom are interested and have the time, would be Child Psychology.  Everything from pregnancy to adolescence.  You could even find some books at your local library!

Now it’s time for my little Educating Monday post…

I found this website a few months back while I was teaching my boy about Constitution Day.  I was so excited to find The whole School House Rock series that I loved as a child can now be viewed by my child!  This site has all the lyrics for each song along with the direct link to the video on Youtube. Studies from America, multiplication, money, grammar and science.  Check it out and let me know what you think…


Ancient Pocket

My cousin has this lovely blog here, where she offered this nice little giveaway and guess who won by the luck of the draw!  Seriously, she entered the numbers and by chance there was my name!  So now I have $25 to spend at this place.  There was so much to choose from, but as always I found my way to the clearance section and found this little guy:

Timer and clock all in one, how could I pass it up!

Stop by her little blog as she brings  a sense of pure nostalgia,  from images of a small town in Iowa, vintage photos accompanied with small history lessons, found treasures from the local thrift (lucky girl finds all the vintage toys from our childhood), abandoned spaces, little bits of inspiration through her art and life experiences in a new place.  Thank you cousin for all your love and support.