Some Good News!


Hello again!  Oh how I’ve missed you!  Life has been a little hectic these days as we have some major decisions in the making.  We’ve decided to go ahead and get married, wait for it…next month!  Yes, we’re very spontaneous, but would like to get this show on the road and can’t seem to find the time until Spring Break to tie the knot and plan a little honeymoon.  So for the time being, I hope to post things found on my hunt for all things Rustic Vintage for our big day!  With funds being low we are very limited to what we can do and who to invite.  I hate the politics of getting married, but am up for the challenge to make it the most memorable for my little family!  As a professional thrifter and family members that are on the same boat, we are having so much fun looking for that wedding bliss treasure, and even the simple hand me downs are turning out to be the most meaningful!  So I leave you with a few dress options.  Let me know what you think!

My Brandon, would love to see me in type of dress found here

01_20_10 5

Here is another found here

but love how simple this one is and think it would flow very pretty in the wind.  This one was found here.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!




Look what I found!  I have major plans for this little guy!  I’m in the process of removing stickers and making some repairs before I finalize my color palette.  I will be posting my progress as I go. I’m not sure what I will be selling out of this thing, but know that it will be used as a great marketing tool!

The last couple of days have been a little busy with catching up on school work for my boy, caring for 2 little ones and the excitement of the arrival of a brand new niece, Baby Teagan.

I have also been going through a major process of de-cluttering! It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years! Although I’ve been in denial for quite sometime now, I am convinced that I am showing early signs of hoarding! Honestly! I have the tendency to hold on to everything, for many reasons. I might use it again someday, someone else could use it, I can make something else out of it (upcycling), I might fit into it again (I crack myself up), I could sell it, i’ll donate it (someday) and the list goes on. I’m at that point where I just want to get rid of everything and start all over again!

So, I’ve decided that before I allow myself to start any new projects, including the one above, I need to reclaim my space! I have many thoughts and ideas that I plan to take action this year and need some clarity!  I am an organized messy person, really!  I have clutter, but most of it is organized in nice piles!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Does this sound like you too?  Well, that time is now for me!  This is my little contract to myself to:
1. Think twice about what I decide to keep or take a picture (it takes up less space).
2. Everything has a home.
3. If the task at hand takes less than 1 min, then complete it now rather than waiting until later (Which in most cases means never).
4. Don’t be afraid to let go.
Although this task is very overwhelming, finding a partner in crime might make it a little easier to make those hard decisions of letting go!  Mom, sister, best friend, someone you trust.  In my case my honey helped me.  Nothing like having your love next to you as you go through old pictures and letters from people of the past, yikes!  He has such a great sense of humor and made me laugh through the whole thing!  Still not done yet, but think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a beautiful day!

Random Acts of Kindness


As a child I wrote many little letters. Especially to my pop, about how much I loved him. As I’m sure many of you have for your cherished loved ones! Usually the one liners, “I love you daddy always and forever,” or “I miss you!” I was always on the hunt for the smallest pieces of paper to show off my small writing skills probably giving him a headache as he squinted to read them. I hope I haven’t contributed to him wearing glasses! My Mama usually gets the random, “Hey Mom,” as she’s in the middle of something and has to stop and look at me, ” I love you!” Always puts a smile on her face! My son has learned this small act of kindness and gets me every time. When my boy was in school, I’d write little notes and stick them in his lunch pail or back pack. He always carried them in his pockets and if by chance I missed a day, he’d let me know!

As for our home, I make little love notes and put them around the house in pockets, books, mirrors, front doors, everywhere, just waiting to be discovered! Not on a daily basis, but when they least expect it. My love had an upsetting evening last night, so I made him a little note to surprise him this morning.  Not sure if it made his day, but know that it put a smile on his face. It’s the little acts of kindness that make people smile and maybe even do something kind for someone else.

I made the first one a few months back with Vintage lined school paper, construction paper and paper clips.

Made this one last night with an index card, silver twine and paper doilies from target.p.s. drop a little note for someone you love, not just because it is almost Valentine’s day, but because you love them, today!

The Artist

I have been sitting on this post for a minute now trying to find the right words of inspiration and truth.  Well, here it goes…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been around anything art or music and have yearned to create.  I have done many little projects but never really considered myself an artist.  Coming from a family of artistic people, (my brother being a self-taught artist, my mother is quite the crafter, my father has a lovely hand at drawing and my God-father was a muralist) how could you not want to create something.  I dreamed of being an artist on a daily basis.  To be able to create something with your hands from a simple idea was completely amazing to me!

Through high school and as a young adult I surrounded myself with artists, my brother’s friends, and friends that intrigued me with their artistic and musical talents.  I dreamed of someday attending an art college, singing my heart out, creating things with my hands, just being me and able to express myself through whatever artistic outlet I chose, but art didn’t come to me the way I wanted it to and they didn’t seem to release any artistic magic that all of a sudden made me an artist by association.  Instead I had my son and many things changed.  I found myself trying to find myself all over again.  Both the hardest and best times in my life.  He inspired me to be a good mommy.  BElieve me!  I have failed many times, but in the end I have the greatest gift of self growth and have felt the success through the love from my child.  I am truly blessed to have so much love from him.

When my boy was a few years old, I enrolled myself into Cinema Makeup School and became a makeup artist.  I figured, hey I’m good at makeup and the word artist is in the title, so why not!  With some failure and hard work, I learned so much about myself and my creative process.  I even taught myself how to sculpt (created my own masks and molds for special fx).  I finally found my inner peace as an artist.  Before you know it, school was over and I lost it.  My original plan to live in Los Angeles and make a living as a makeup artist eventually fell through.  I discovered that I wanted to be around family and friends with whom I could relate and get the support I needed to survive.

I worked as a makeup artist, and still do, during wedding season, but found myself stuck in jobs that did not interest me to make ends meet.  I worked for an employer for a few years who I truly loved and gained a lot of knowledge on business and relations but I stopped growing and lost my job.  As many people can relate, this type of loss whether expected or not, can be very sad and depressing.  I eventually found another job a few months later, with someone I had wanted to learn from, doing what I love, only to learn how not to be as a business owner and was slowly removed from the schedule.  Wow, how did this happen again.  I thought, “What’s wrong with me?”  I fell in to that state of mind.  I became many things that I am not.  Blamed God and everyone else.  Only to find that I had completely lost everything that made me, me!  What happened to wanting to create so bad that I could close my eyes and see myself being my dream Genevieve?  I can see her now smiling as she spins some pottery or painting on a piece of something found, while her children play in the tree house dressed in their handmade costumes, watching her husband rest on the grass, listening to the birds in her garden,  thinking of how long I have waited for this moment and being grateful of God’s grace.  I know pretty far-fetched, but who says a girl can’t dream.  I’m full of them!

This blog was created to inspire me and hopefully others to live their dreams.  I have since began homeschooling my boy, found my major, recently engaged to the love of my life also the father of my child and am rediscovering my love of all things simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  I am here to bring out the artist in me, find my passion if that is even possible because I am a lover of many things and to motivate me to not get lost in the life of the everyday mom, as it is very easy to do.  I love my boy more than he’ll ever know and especially love making things for him and my loved ones.  I just want to find balance as a busy mom and learn to love myself a little more and create my happiness, so I can grow to be a greater person in all areas of my life.  As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, stranger and friend.

My definition of the everyday mom: always doing for others and never doing for herself.

p.s. take the time today to think of your accomplishments and be proud of who you are, but if you find yourself still feeling a little empty, ask yourself, “What is missing?”