Homeschooling, Unschooling!

He learned to play the guitar this year!

School is almost complete, so it’s that time of year where we start thinking about how we want to do things differently for next year.  Thinking about what worked for us and what didn’t.  At times I can be very hard on myself and look back at all the stuff that we didn’t do and tend to forget all the things that we did.  Then I realize, my boy has learned so much this year!  Aside from academics, we wanted to teach him life skills (street smarts as my pop would call it).  A couple of things we wanted to teach him was how to be respectful and aware of other people.  To be confident when speaking to adults and to always look the person in the eye.  So, whenever we were out and about, we’d ask him to do little things like asking the price of an item at the store, ordering his own food at a restaurant, asking for information at the library, and the list goes on.  Every opportunity we had we jumped on it.  WE didn’t realize how much he would grow from having those experiences.  He has grown to be a little independent person.

This type of learning would be considered Unschooling.  There is a lot of controversy over this choice of education, but I find that our family works well as Structured Unschoolers.  Where we have structured learning on some days and unschooling on others.  Now since we use a parent charter homeschool for our schooling, we are not considered unschoolers, but someday dream of venturing out on our own as home-schoolers without restraints.

So with that being said, I wanted to share this awesome free online event called The Unschooling Summit.  It’s taking place this Monday May 21st until June 1 with new speakers everyday and event recordings in case you miss it!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful day!



School House Rock!

Spring Semester Officially began today!  I am almost done with Community College and plan to transfer in the Fall to obtain my degree in Psychology.  I’ve been attending school for quite sometime now, changing my major way too many times and two Associate’s Degrees later, I have finally come to the conclusion that Psychology was meant for me.   In all honesty, I wanted to learn about why people do the things that they do, including myself!  Ha!  Trying to figure out the rest of your life is so hard and I for one, am not always good at making decisions, especially when it came down to the rest of my life.  I also wanted to learn how one person can affect another, most importantly, how our decisions now as parents could affect our children in the future!    This subject can be very overwhelming, but very helpful when it comes to parenting and reflecting on how we work as individual’s.  A class that I would recommend for parents whom are interested and have the time, would be Child Psychology.  Everything from pregnancy to adolescence.  You could even find some books at your local library!

Now it’s time for my little Educating Monday post…

I found this website a few months back while I was teaching my boy about Constitution Day.  I was so excited to find The whole School House Rock series that I loved as a child can now be viewed by my child!  This site has all the lyrics for each song along with the direct link to the video on Youtube. Studies from America, multiplication, money, grammar and science.  Check it out and let me know what you think…