Valentine’s Day Workshop


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I threw a little Family Valentine Workshop over the weekend for all the kitties in the family, with the help of my Mama, sister, sister-in law and best friend!  I made some Valentine garlands with baker’s twine and newspaper hearts.  Went to my local Salvation Army to purchase some Vintage silver platters, only to buy all the Vintage Glassware I could find, as every other Friday is 50% off.  I found a nice punch bowl with eight glasses still in the box, 3 small glass bowls, 1 large bowl, glass cheese platter, 3 tarnished silver platters (which I covered with paper doilies, and cut out wax paper hearts), even found some vintage paperdolls and a few other things for myself all under $25!

Covered a few tables with newspaper and paper doilies that I purchased in the dollar section from Target.  Went to the hardware store and had some wood cut down to craft with.  You can never go wrong with wood!  I always find interesting pieces in the scrap section with insane mark downs and then have them cut it down to my preference at no charge.   I crammed the tables with endless crafting supplies.  Scrapbook paper, construction paper, decorative scissors, modge podge(my favorite), markers, lace, twine, chalkboard paint, glitter, composition notebooks(bought on clearance during back to school season), paper doilies, soft pastels, water colors and each crafty mama brought their own supplies too!  My sister in law even printed up some Vintage Valentine Images from flickr, a major resource for inspiration.  The images are endless on the web, I found these Space Themed Valentine’s for Jacob.  My Mama also brought some Vintage Victorian images, we had so much to work with.  The kids even decorated Valentine Mail Boxes supplied by my sis!

Our menu was very simple with kid friendly snacks.  Peanut butter celery, cheese and crackers, strawberries, grapes, carrots, cucumber, garlic bread, Homemade Spaghetti  for the kids and Fettuccine Alfredo for the Mama’s.  Along with lots of goodies!  Everyone had so much fun and it was nice to see all the little creations lying around!  The two images above were created by my boy.  The top one was for me and the one above was for Daddy, but he was little jealous that mine had the wood piece.  I hope everyone had a lovely day!


Random Acts of Kindness


As a child I wrote many little letters. Especially to my pop, about how much I loved him. As I’m sure many of you have for your cherished loved ones! Usually the one liners, “I love you daddy always and forever,” or “I miss you!” I was always on the hunt for the smallest pieces of paper to show off my small writing skills probably giving him a headache as he squinted to read them. I hope I haven’t contributed to him wearing glasses! My Mama usually gets the random, “Hey Mom,” as she’s in the middle of something and has to stop and look at me, ” I love you!” Always puts a smile on her face! My son has learned this small act of kindness and gets me every time. When my boy was in school, I’d write little notes and stick them in his lunch pail or back pack. He always carried them in his pockets and if by chance I missed a day, he’d let me know!

As for our home, I make little love notes and put them around the house in pockets, books, mirrors, front doors, everywhere, just waiting to be discovered! Not on a daily basis, but when they least expect it. My love had an upsetting evening last night, so I made him a little note to surprise him this morning.  Not sure if it made his day, but know that it put a smile on his face. It’s the little acts of kindness that make people smile and maybe even do something kind for someone else.

I made the first one a few months back with Vintage lined school paper, construction paper and paper clips.

Made this one last night with an index card, silver twine and paper doilies from target.p.s. drop a little note for someone you love, not just because it is almost Valentine’s day, but because you love them, today!

Homemade Christmas


So Homemade Christmas was a success. I started and completed all the gifts that I set out to do, which is always an issue when it gets close to Christmas deadline.  I made cake stands and jewlery frames for the lovely ladies, but my main focus was the little ones. Sorry boys your turn is next year, but I did wrap their gifts a little special with pressed fall leaves and twine.  I made the spy set for my boy, dress up suitcase for the niece and nephew, and felt dress up board for the nieces.  I couldn’t wait for the traditional family opening of the gifts and gave each gift personally on the side.  The impressions of each of their faces when opening their gifts keeps inspiring me to create more.   Happy New Year!

p.s. I ended up using chalkboard paint to spice up both the briefcase and suitcase.  I loved the finishing product!

Homemade Spy Set


Here’s another last minute gift idea.  My boy asked for a complete spy set this Christmas, so I decided to create our own.  He’s been wanting a briefcase for quite sometime now, so I found this little guy to start with.
Most of the spy gifts I found at  the Dollar Tree, love that place. Small flashlight, badge holder, laser pointer with alarm, blush brush and sm. baby powder for dusting finger prints, magnifying glass, and spray hand sanitizer.  I still have to search for a few more items for this gift. Until then be safe out there in the mad world of last minute Christmas shopping!