New Feature!

I am pleased to bring you my first weekly feature!  Monday sounded like a great day to post something educational for the little ones and maybe their Mama’s too,  so I declare Monday, Educating Monday (until I come up with a better name)!  I’m sure I’ll create other posts that happen to be educational, but land on another day of the week.   Please don’t hold it against me as it is in my nature .  Especially since my sister and I are always swapping websites!  Also a home-school parent:)  Just my way to keep me motivated and inspired!

Please don’t turn away now, all you non-homeschoolers, this feature is intended for all families no matter what form of education you use!  Everyone is welcome here!

Here it goes…for the past few months I’ve been following Mr. Joseph Hoffman at piano lessons for kids here, as he teaches my eight year old to play the piano.  He’s been around for about a year now and has really good techniques for teaching young children to play and makes it fun and interesting.  I sometimes have a hard time with my boy when it comes to learning new things.  He is a perfectionist, like his Mama and often gets easily discouraged when he can not succeed his first time.  As with all things, practice makes perfect!  Mr. Hoffman is really good at explaining that things are not always going to work unless you take your time and practice.  So check it out if you’re looking for piano lessons and the best part is it’s free!

p.s. if you’d like to see something more specific on educational activities, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to find it!  Have a good day!


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